Giving Every Child Access to the Arts

Mission and Purpose:

  • GECATTA’s mission is to give every child access to the arts on a local, regional, national, and global level.


  • The organization believes in the transformative power of the arts and aims to provide children with a sense of belonging, learning opportunities, and success.

Importance of Arts Education:

In a world where creativity and imagination reign supreme, arts education for children plays a pivotal role in shaping their futures. At GECATTA, we recognize the profound impact of arts education and are dedicated to nurturing the potential of every child. Our narrative underscores the significance of arts education for young minds, emphasizing its multifaceted benefits

Fostering Creativity

Arts education is a catalyst for unlocking the boundless creativity within children. Through painting, music, dance, and theater, young minds are encouraged to explore their artistic horizons, unleashing their imagination in vibrant colors and melodious tunes.

Enhancing Cognitive Development

The arts are a powerful tool for enhancing cognitive development. Engaging in artistic activities stimulates memory, sharpens critical thinking skills, and nurtures problem-solving abilities, empowering children with the mental acumen they need to thrive.

Elevating Self-Esteem

Confidence is the cornerstone of a child's self-esteem, and arts education provides the stage for them to shine. When children showcase their talents and skills, their self-esteem soars, helping them believe in themselves and their abilities.

Excelling Academically

Studies have shown that children engaged in arts education tend to excel academically. The discipline and dedication required for artistic pursuits spill over into their academic endeavors, setting the stage for future success.

Cultivating Cultural Awareness

In a diverse world, arts education broadens horizons. Children exposed to different forms of art and culture gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the rich tapestry of our global society.

Nurturing Teamwork

Many arts education programs emphasize collaboration, teaching children the value of teamwork. Learning to work together, share ideas, and create harmonious performances prepares them for a lifetime of successful collaboration in any field.

Offering Joy and Fulfillment

The arts provide a unique avenue for children to experience joy and fulfillment. Expressing their emotions, connecting with others, and finding solace in their creative endeavors, children find happiness through the arts.

At GECATTA, our commitment to arts education is unwavering. We believe that by providing access to the arts, we are not only nurturing creativity but also equipping children with the tools they need to reach their full potential. Join us in this transformative journey, where every child's artistic dreams take flight.


GECATTA plans to achieve its mission through various programs:

  • “ArtStart” Program:
    • Provides under-resourced communities, both in the United States and internationally, with access to arts education and resources.
    • Focuses on building partnerships with local organizations and individuals.
    • Schools or community organizations can submit proposals detailing their need for arts education resources.
    • Funds and resources are allocated to support the needs of under-resourced communities.
  • “Training First” Resources:
    • Supports young people of all ages who wish to pursue further training in dance, music, and theater.
    • Focuses on needs in the area of Kendall County, Illinois.
    • Families interested in arts education can apply by submitting a letter of interest and an application.
    • Funds are allocated to provide resources for further training in the arts.
  • “Culture Tour” Program:
    • Provides opportunities for young people aged 12-18 in the United States to perform and train overseas.
    • Aims to promote cultural understanding and appreciation through overseas performance tours.
    • Applicants submit letters of interest and resumes outlining their experience and skills.
    • Funds are allocated for travel expenses and cultural exchange opportunities.
  • Other programs include: Tech Talent, Job Readiness, Arts for All Complexes.

Multimedia and Awareness:

  • GECATTA intends to raise awareness through multimedia features, including documentaries, videos, and photos of its activities, projects, programs, and expeditions.
  • These features will be recorded by volunteers and made available to the public.

Foreign Activities:

  • Foreign activities are categorized into tours and educational programs.
  • Tours involve young people performing and training overseas, as detailed in the “Culture Tour” Program.
  • Educational programs include camps, presentations, and in-field arts training, as detailed in the “ArtStart” Program.
  • Selection of individuals or organizations outside of the United States is done through due diligence and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

Financial Information:

  • The organization’s income sources include general public donations, grants, sponsorship, and fundraising.
  • Expenses are managed by the board of directors or the duly elected treasurer and include equipment purchases, rentals, insurance premiums, website fees, publications, advertising, and miscellaneous board expenses.